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Premier Ductless Mini Split Installations and Service in Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Mini Split heating system installation on roof of a brownstone building in Manhattan, New York City


We, the Richair Comfort Solutions, are premier ductless mini split installation and service company, offering professional estimates for new and retrofit heating and cooling system installations in Bedford Hills, NY 10507.

Our Mitsubishi Electric certified technicians have proven knowledge and skills they exhibit on every project, while taking annual specialized re-certification tests. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded in compliance with state and city requirements.

Installing Ductless Mini Split Systems

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The ductless mini-split system, including installation can cost anywhere from $3,000 for a single-zone system to more than $20,000 for a whole-home, multi-zone system. This is a rough quote and may vary based on specific factors of your property and needs. For a more accurate quote we need some more information about your home.

Here are 5 benefits of Ductless Mini System

  • Ductless mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption and costs due to their small size and zone-specific heating and cooling capabilities.
  • These systems require minimal installation effort as they don't need extensive ductwork, making them ideal for older buildings or room additions.
  • Each unit can be controlled independently, allowing for personalized temperature settings in different rooms or zones.

  • Ductless mini-split systems operate quietly, making them less intrusive than traditional HVAC systems.
  • They often come with multi-stage filtration features, which can significantly reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates in the air.

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Exploring Fascinating Facts About 

Bedford Hills, NY 10507


Nestled in the heart of Westchester County, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, is a charming and vibrant community that boasts a rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and a close-knit community. Let's delve into the captivating facets that make Bedford Hills a truly unique destination. Bedford Hills has a captivating history dating back to the early colonial days. The town's historic landmarks, such as the Bedford Hills Train Station, offer a glimpse into its past. The Quaker movement profoundly influenced this community. Discover how the Quaker values of equality and social justice continue to shape the town's character. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the town's natural landscapes. The rolling hills and picturesque valleys provide a serene backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Unwind in the lush expanse of the Katonah Memorial Park. From picnicking to hiking trails, this park offers various recreational activities for families and individuals.


Delve into the local arts scene by taking a stroll through the Bedford Hills Art Walk. Marvel at the diverse artworks displayed in charming galleries and support local artists. Experience the richness of cultural diversity through various events and festivals celebrating different traditions. These events foster a sense of unity and harmony within the community. Bedford Hills offers a culinary journey that caters to diverse palates. From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, savor a wide range of delectable dishes from skilled chefs. Embrace the farm-to-table philosophy as many eateries collaborate with local farms to provide fresh and organic ingredients. Indulge in dishes that are not only delicious but also sustainably sourced.


One of the town's most remarkable aspects is its strong sense of community. Residents actively participate in local initiatives, fostering a warm and welcoming environment. Discover the heartwarming stories of neighbors coming together during challenging times. The support system in Bedford Hills is a testament to the compassion and empathy of its residents. In conclusion, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, is a hidden gem that offers a harmonious blend of history, nature, culture, and community. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, an art lover, a food connoisseur, or simply seeking a place with a strong community spirit, Bedford Hills has something extraordinary to offer. Plan your visit to this enchanting town and be captivated by its charm.

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