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Premier Ductless Mini Split Installations and Service in Breezy Point, NY 11697

Mini Split heating system installation on roof of a brownstone building in Manhattan, New York City


We, the Richair Comfort Solutions, are premier ductless mini split installation and service company, offering professional estimates for new and retrofit heating and cooling system installations in Breezy Point, NY 11697.

Our Mitsubishi Electric certified technicians have proven knowledge and skills they exhibit on every project, while taking annual specialized re-certification tests. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded in compliance with state and city requirements.

Installing Ductless Mini Split Systems

since 1994

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The ductless mini-split system, including installation can cost anywhere from $3,000 for a single-zone system to more than $20,000 for a whole-home, multi-zone system. This is a rough quote and may vary based on specific factors of your property and needs. For a more accurate quote we need some more information about your home.

Here are 5 benefits of Ductless Mini System

  • Ductless mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption and costs due to their small size and zone-specific heating and cooling capabilities.
  • These systems require minimal installation effort as they don't need extensive ductwork, making them ideal for older buildings or room additions.
  • Each unit can be controlled independently, allowing for personalized temperature settings in different rooms or zones.

  • Ductless mini-split systems operate quietly, making them less intrusive than traditional HVAC systems.
  • They often come with multi-stage filtration features, which can significantly reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates in the air.

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Breezy Point, NY 11697


Breezy Point, NY 11697, emerges as a distinct enclave at the farthest edge of the Rockaway Peninsula in the borough of Queens, New York. Its abode rests upon the southwestern fringe of Long Island, where it locks gazes with the boundless expanse of the ocean's horizon. The allure of Breezy Point stems from its unique topography, a symphony composed of immaculate shorelines, undulating sand dunes, and vistas of the sea that encapsulate natural splendor. A haven of tranquility, it beckons both fervent sunseekers and those in pursuit of a serene coastal haven. With an air steeped in solitude, this residential haven orchestrates a blend of standalone abodes, beachfront residences, and secured compounds. A notable gem within its midst is the Breezy Point Cooperative, a haven veiled in exclusivity. Here, a coterie of private residents thrives, benefiting from bespoke security, an array of amenities, and impeccable services.


Nestled at this crossroads, Breezy Point stands resilient against the tidal tantrums of coastal climes, having in place strategies to avert potential distress. But beyond its mettle lies a tapestry woven of community spirit, a bastion that stands impervious to tempests and a testament to swift resurgence. Within Breezy Point's embrace, a spectrum of recreational pursuits finds its abode, all woven around the tapestry of nature's bounty. Inhabitants and sojourners partake in a rhapsody of activities—plunging into azure depths, luxuriating under the sun's gentle caress, angling for aquatic treasures, and navigating the brine in maritime dalliances. Amidst these endeavors, private beach clubs add opulent strokes, embellishing the canvas of leisure with their augmented facilities.


In the realm of conveyance, Breezy Point beckons primarily to those with chariots of their own, for public transit's embrace is but a whisper here. Yet, a network of bus routes stitches this enclave to the broader tapestry of Queens. The corridors of learning, presided over by the New York City Department of Education, extend their tutelage to Breezy Point. Anchored within this nexus are public institutions—foundations of elementary acumen, bastions of middle-grade enlightenment, and the pedestals of higher learning—situated within the satellite communities. Breezy Point, NY 11697, unfolds as an experience steeped in coastal mystique, a magnum opus woven with strands of sea-kissed sands, natural opulence, and a fellowship tightly knit. Herein, the maddening cadence of the metropolis recedes, ceding ground to the orchestra of solitude, all while the embrace of urban amenities remains just an arm's reach away.


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