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Premier Ductless Mini Split Installations and Service in New York, NY 10018

Mini Split heating system installation on roof of a brownstone building in Manhattan, New York City


We, the Richair Comfort Solutions, are premier ductless mini split installation and service company, offering professional estimates for new and retrofit heating and cooling system installations in New York, NY 10018.

Our Mitsubishi Electric certified technicians have proven knowledge and skills they exhibit on every project, while taking annual specialized re-certification tests. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded in compliance with state and city requirements.

Installing Ductless Mini Split Systems

since 1994

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The ductless mini-split system, including installation can cost anywhere from $3,000 for a single-zone system to more than $20,000 for a whole-home, multi-zone system. This is a rough quote and may vary based on specific factors of your property and needs. For a more accurate quote we need some more information about your home.

Here are 5 benefits of Ductless Mini System

  • Ductless mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption and costs due to their small size and zone-specific heating and cooling capabilities.
  • These systems require minimal installation effort as they don't need extensive ductwork, making them ideal for older buildings or room additions.
  • Each unit can be controlled independently, allowing for personalized temperature settings in different rooms or zones.

  • Ductless mini-split systems operate quietly, making them less intrusive than traditional HVAC systems.
  • They often come with multi-stage filtration features, which can significantly reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens, and other particulates in the air.

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New York, NY 10018


In the heart of New York City lies the vibrant neighborhood of 10018, a place where history, culture, and modernity converge. This zip code encompasses the iconic Garment District, known for its rich legacy in the fashion industry. From the clatter of sewing machines echoing through historic buildings to the bustling fashion showrooms, the district pulses with creativity and innovation. Here, cobblestone streets bear witness to the stories of legendary designers and aspiring artists, creating a dynamic tapestry of fashion's evolution. Amidst the high-rises and ateliers, 10018 stands as a testament to the city's ability to preserve its heritage while embracing progress.


Venturing beyond the fashion realm, one discovers a culinary haven within the 10018 zip code. An eclectic array of eateries lines the streets, offering a global gastronomic experience that mirrors New York City's diverse population. From cozy family-owned delis serving up mouthwatering pastrami sandwiches to sleek bistros crafting avant-garde fusion dishes, the culinary landscape is a reflection of the city's ever-evolving palate. Here, the scents of spices and flavors from around the world intertwine, creating a symphony that satisfies the cravings of both locals and visitors alike. As the sun sets over 10018, the city's nightlife comes alive, casting a vibrant glow on its streets. The district seamlessly blends classic entertainment with modern revelry. Jazz clubs resonate with the soulful tunes that once defined an era, while contemporary rooftop bars offer panoramic views of the city's iconic skyline. The juxtaposition of historic theaters, where legendary performances have left an indelible mark, and cutting-edge music venues, where the sounds of emerging artists reverberate, captures the essence of New York's ever-revolving artistic spirit. In 10018, the night is an open canvas, painted with the strokes of both tradition and innovation.


Amidst the intricate complexity of 10018, the essence of New York City is distilled into this dynamic zip code. Bursting with creativity, diversity, and a rich history, it stands as a microcosm of the city's past, present, and future. From the hum of sewing machines to the sizzle of diverse cuisines, from the melodies of jazz to the beats of modern music, 10018 encapsulates the spirit of a metropolis that continues to captivate hearts and minds around the globe.


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