Brooklyn's Game Changer: The Stunning Transformation of VLS Pharmacy with Ductless Installations!

Richair comfort Solutions has been servicing VLS Pharmacy existing conventional HVAC systems since 1998. In the summer of 2014, the owner of the pharmacy asked us to design and build a new heating and cooling systems for the new compound room. The project required a complete interior renovation to meet the operational needs, as well as replacement of existing outdated air-conditioning and heating system.

Ductless Installations: VLS Pharmacy In Brooklyn, New York

A Ductless Installations: VLS Pharmacy In Brooklyn, New York

Richair's Product Specialist offered a hybrid Mitsubishi City-Multi / M-Series system that would satisfy the necessary requirements. The Mitsubishi Electric's Multi-S series is exceptionally well designed VRF system perfect choice for large homes and light commercial applications, such as VLS Pharmacy. While the M-series single-zone units are meant to add a kick in front of the pharmacy, where cold and hot air gets in the store through open front doors.


All details have been worked out with construction manager and mechanical engineer to integrate the new ductless heat pumps in light commercial design. Installation technicians did an exceptional job working around merchandise and customers. All work was finished on time, system started and commissioned per manufacturer standards.

ductless mini split icon

This was a challenging task, the store did not close for one day. Installation technicians did an exceptional job working around merchandise and customers

ductless mini split condensers installed neatly on a rooftop

The image showcases a series of ductless mini split condensers meticulously arranged on a rooftop.

VLS Pharmacy is located in the diverse neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. It offers prescriptions drugs, compounded medications, vitamins, and a range of specialty health and beauty products. With decades of expertise, investment in sophisticated science and cutting-edge facilities, VLS Pharmacy extensive compounding capabilities address every patient need, from integrative wellness solutions and dermatological medications to bio-identical hormone treatments and pediatric therapies.

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