Year-Round Perfect Temperature with Richair Mini Split Installation

If you live in the New York City area, you know the struggle of trying to stay comfortable during brutal winters and sweltering summers. Modern HVAC systems seem either insufficient or too costly. What’s the solution? Mini split air conditioning and heating systems! And for expert installation from a company you can trust, look no further than Richair Comfort Solutions.

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Year-Round Perfect Temperature with Richair Mini Split Installation

Mini Split Installation from the Experts at Richair Comfort Solutions

With over 25 years of HVAC experience, Richair Comfort Solutions has installed thousands of mini split systems in homes across NYC.

How Mini Split Systems Work


Mini splits consist of an outdoor compressor connected to one or more sleek, compact indoor units mounted high on your wall. They work differently than traditional HVACs by cooling and heating each room individually. So you can set different temperatures in different rooms based on your needs! Mini splits are also incredibly energy efficient because they only cool the zones in use. So they can cut your energy bills by up to 30% compared to central air conditioning. With rising electricity rates in New York, that’s savings you can’t ignore!


Why Mini Splits Are Growing in Popularity

With their flexibility, efficiency and affordable price point, it’s no wonder mini splits are the hottest trend in home temperature control. In fact, experts predict the global mini split market to grow over 6% annually through 2026. And there’s never been a better time to install mini splits in the NYC area. Rebates of up to $500 per indoor unit are available from NY utilities to incentivize homeowners to choose energy efficient systems.


Richair Comfort Solutions: Mini Split Installation Experts

With over 25 years of HVAC experience, Richair Comfort Solutions has installed thousands of mini split systems in homes across NYC. Our NATE-certified technicians are true experts who can recommend the properly sized mini split for your unique needs. No other company has installed as many mini splits in the area. We handle the entire process for you: from visit and assessment, to permits and installation, to maintenance and service after the sale. Our upfront pricing and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction guarantee a stress-free experience. There’s a reason we’re the #1 rated HVAC company in the New York region.


The Critical Reasons to Use a Pro for Mini Split Installation


While a DIY approach seems tempting, mini split installation is best left to qualified technicians like those at Richair Comfort Solutions. Improper installation can lead to:


  • Safety hazards: Faulty electrical connections or refrigerant leaks can put your home and family at risk. Only professionals have the tools and know-how to safely mount heavy equipment and handle refrigerant.


  • Underperformance: A poorly positioned unit or incorrect duct sizing reduces heating and cooling efficiency, wasting your money. Technicians use performance calculators to size systems perfectly.


  • Lost warranties: Manufacturer warranties become void if equipment is damaged during installation. Leave it to the experts to keep warranties intact.


  • Frustration: Challenges like difficult mounting locations, permits, or electrical work are headaches best left to the pros. Richair Comfort Solutions makes installation truly worry-free.


Your Complete Mini Split Installation Process

Complete Mini Split Installation Process

When you choose Richair Comfort Solutions for mini split installation, here is the seamless process you can expect:


Free In-Home Consultation

We come to your home to evaluate your needs, take measurements, examine electrical capacity, and provide recommendations. We help you select just the right mix of indoor unit types and the properly sized outdoor condenser.


Crystal Clear Pricing

After recommending the optimal system for your home, we then provide comprehensive pricing with no hidden fees. The quote includes all necessary equipment, professional installation labor, and permitting fees. We also help you take full advantage of available rebates and incentives.


Efficient, Low Impact Installation

Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to carefully install mini split components in the optimal locations to ensure ideal performance. We take care to protect your home and minimize the impact of the installation process. We also obtain any required permits from the city on your behalf.


Post-Installation Support

We offer maintenance to keep your mini split running at peak efficiency. And as a local company, we are always available for any troubleshooting or repair needs. Our skilled technicians service every brand.

When comparing companies, ask specifically about their experience with mini split brand names like Mitsubishi. As the top HVAC provider in the NYC region, Richair Comfort Solutions has worked exclusively with Mitsubishi . We know these products inside and out to ensure the best performance tailored specifically for your home.

Frequently Asked Mini Split Installation Questions


Before deciding on a mini split, New York City homeowners often ask:


How much does mini split installation cost in my area?

Mini split installation costs $2000 to $8000 for a system, including equipment and professional installation. Exact pricing depends on factors like:

  • Number of indoor units
  • Placement complexity
  • Necessary electrical upgrades
  • Ductwork modifications
  • Ease of outdoor unit mounting
  • Type and size of system required


As experts who have installed in hundreds of NYC-area homes, Richair Comfort Solutions provides extremely accurate upfront quotes. Contact us for free and see how affordable it can be!


What permits do we need for installation in NYC?

Mini split installations require both electrical and mechanical permits from the New York Department of Buildings. Licensed contractors like Richair are experts at obtaining the correct permits prior to your installation date. We handle it all seamlessly so you don’t have to worry.


How long does mini split installation take?

From start to finish, expect mini split installation to take 2 to 5 days depending on system complexity. The Richair Comfort Solutions team works efficiently to minimize disruption to your home and workflow. We’ll adhere to the timeline agreed during consultation unless unexpected issues appear, in which case we will discuss changes openly and transparently. No surprises!


What maintenance do mini splits require?

Basic maintenance like periodically washing filters and clearing debris from outdoor units can go a long way towards extending their lifespan. For optimal upkeep, Richair Comfort Solutions offers affordable annual maintenance contracts that cover system inspection, testing, cleaning, tune ups, filter replacement, repairs and more. Maintenance ensures your mini splits provide consistent comfort and energy efficiency for over 20 years!

Call Richair Comfort Solutions Today for Your Free Mini Split Consultation


When it comes time for mini split installation, there’s no company more qualified or trusted in the NYC region than Richair Comfort Solutions. Call us at (866) 414-4059 today or contact us online to schedule a free at-home assessment. We’ll take care of everything from properly sizing your system to installation, permitting and beyond. Find out for yourself why hundreds of homeowners choose Richair Comfort Solutions for reliable, energy efficient mini split comfort.

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